29 March, 2010

Soon baby, soon...

In a few days will I go back to Sweden for 8 days... Yaaaaay!

The apartment that I looked at was to good to be true. 3 bedrooms, a big kitchen and a barthroom. They are now renovating the whole apartment. The rent is €1400 with everything included. And the location is really good. It's near by where I now live. But, as I said, it's to good to be true. The bad thing whith this apartment is that we have to buy furniture for the apartment. We have to buy a whole kitchen also. And it's so bad for us. What are we going to do with the furniture when we move from that apartment? We tried to make a deal or something, that we buy everything now and when we move can they buy the furniture from us and keep it in there. But they doesn't want that. And that is really stupid! Because there is a lot of students in Milano that needs apartments that already are furnitured. So... NO to that apartment. And I have to continue looking for one.

Friday evening: Aperitivo with my friends
Saturday: Shopping. House party at my friends place
Sunday: Shopping. Dinner with a friend of mine. And we also watched My fair lady.

Today: No classes. Went to buy some fabric for Pattern making and tailoring. Went to the supermarket, 'cause I don't have any food in my fridge.

I just finished cleaning my room and washing clothes.

Now: watch a movie. Maybe an Audrey Hepburn movie. And by the way, I dont understand people that say that Breakfast at Tiffanys is "so much fashion"... well, it's not! I wouldn't call it fashion! I would call My fair lady fashion.


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