25 March, 2010

Remember me

While crying my eyes out for Remember me, do I dream about these shoes...

1. Versace shoes that I only want to sleep with, not wear, €2320
2. Miu Miu shoes that I would wear from Monday to Friday, €390
3. Miu Miu shoes that I would wear Friday and Saturday night, €380
4. YSL, if I could choose one of these shoes, it would probably be this onces. I would wear them everyday for the rest of my life! €820

All shoes are from www.net-a-porter.com

Italian test today went fine. I just hope I pass. How much I get is not important.

Tomorrow: Look at an apartment. Hoping for the best! And after go for some shopping. After that do I have class, Project 1 research.

Buona notte

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Anonymous said...

be happy and love. kiss