10 March, 2010

Photoshop exam...

I got back my results from the Photoshop exam. It went very good. Better than I thought... There was two grades, one for the homeworks and one for the exam. I got 27/30 on the exam and 30/30 on the homeworks. It was really surprising! I didn't know that I was doing so good in photoshop. But I'm so happy! It's the first course I've got 30/30. Yaaaay..... It have given me so much confidence :)

Today: I went to China town with my sister and Sandra. I didn't buy anything. But we ate in a chinese resturant. It was so much food. And for dessert did we eat fried bananas and ananas... and with that did we eat fried ice cream! FRIED! That was some wierd shit! hahaha crazy! Anyway, after that did we go for some shopping in Via Torino. I bought a bag for my mother(she's having birthday tomorrow). And some clothes from H&M and Pull and Bear.


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