22 March, 2010

Good vs bad

I thought that it would be good to write some bad and good things about the school.

Most of the teachers are good. I mean that the teachers are good at teaching, not only good at what they are teaching.
When they give you the marks for a exam don't they just look how good you are, but how big your improvement is also.

They way the school organize everything is bad! I, personally, think that they are bad at giving information. Not the teachers, the school.
The rest of the teachers that aren't in "good" are bad. They are good professionals, but not good at teaching.
For paying so much for the school, the school should be much better.

That's it for today. I will try to write some things every week or when I think of something.

In the same time as I think of the bad things, I try to forget it. I mean, working for fashion or with whatever, most of the time things are not perfect. And I think it's good that everything is not perfect, because later when I get a job, hopefully a good one, I will go thrue bad things. So I will be a bit prepared for it.
It's hard to explain how I feel, but something like that. Try to understand! hahaha

Anyway. Today did I have my material technology exam. Finally it's over! It went okey, not much more. The only thing I hope is that I pass. How many points I get is not important. I will you you my book when I get it back!

After school did I go to the supermarket and then did I go to my friend for dinner. We made heart-shaped tortellini with pesto. For dessert chocolate cake and strawberries. To drink: Fragolino.
It was perfect!

Now: good bye!


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