16 March, 2010

Ciao bella

Ciao! Come va? Tutto bene? haha alright, let's quit this shit!

This day was so good. I'm really happy. I don't know if it's the perfect weather or my new haircut. Anyway, I'm feeling good! I woke up at 11.30, ate breakfast and went to the hair dresser. I'm happy that I went, because I usually dont "treat" myself with things like that.
I went with Victoria and we both decided to do something different with our hair. She cut her hair short and I LOVED it! It is so pretty on her. What did I do to my hair?... Not much. I asked the hair dresser(Mr Handsome Guy) what I should colour my hair to and he said that I should keep the red/brown colour. So he only colored the outgrowth. The best thing with going to the hair dresser is when they wash the hair. This time did I get head massage, I almost fell asleep, it was sooo good!
Then was it time to cut the hair. I've always had long boring hair. And the guy didn't think that I should cut short, so he just cut a side bang(right name?) and a bit shorter. It's really nice now... I feel brand new haha

Tickets to Frankfurt are booked now and I'm going with my sister and Victoria. We're staying for a week. And we're going to the William Fitzsimmons consert!

Before going... A reality show that I loved when I lived in sweden was Swedish Hollywood wifes. It's so funny. And now have they released season 2. I watched 2 episodes of it today. You just got to love them! hahaha


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