04 March, 2010

- 10 degrees

I'm in Sweden and it's sooooo cold! It wasn't that bad when we came but in the evening did it get colder.

I left my things at my cousins place and tried my new dress... It's a bit to big, so tomorrow will I go and make it smaller and shorter tomorrow.

Later did me and my friends go for some shopping. I bought some nice things. But tomorrow does the shopping continue.
Today did I buy a short leather blazer from Monki. Really nice. It was on sale. The price was €50 but it was 75% off. And when I went to pay did they say that it was 50% off on the sale price! So I payed €6. It's NOTHING! I'm so happy with it!

By the way... me and my friends did only talk english and italian. And actually, I'm really good. It's just that I'm to scared to talk to people in Italy. I have to work on that!!


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