31 March, 2010

Good bye Italy

....and hello Sweden :)

29 March, 2010

Soon baby, soon...

In a few days will I go back to Sweden for 8 days... Yaaaaay!

The apartment that I looked at was to good to be true. 3 bedrooms, a big kitchen and a barthroom. They are now renovating the whole apartment. The rent is €1400 with everything included. And the location is really good. It's near by where I now live. But, as I said, it's to good to be true. The bad thing whith this apartment is that we have to buy furniture for the apartment. We have to buy a whole kitchen also. And it's so bad for us. What are we going to do with the furniture when we move from that apartment? We tried to make a deal or something, that we buy everything now and when we move can they buy the furniture from us and keep it in there. But they doesn't want that. And that is really stupid! Because there is a lot of students in Milano that needs apartments that already are furnitured. So... NO to that apartment. And I have to continue looking for one.

Friday evening: Aperitivo with my friends
Saturday: Shopping. House party at my friends place
Sunday: Shopping. Dinner with a friend of mine. And we also watched My fair lady.

Today: No classes. Went to buy some fabric for Pattern making and tailoring. Went to the supermarket, 'cause I don't have any food in my fridge.

I just finished cleaning my room and washing clothes.

Now: watch a movie. Maybe an Audrey Hepburn movie. And by the way, I dont understand people that say that Breakfast at Tiffanys is "so much fashion"... well, it's not! I wouldn't call it fashion! I would call My fair lady fashion.


25 March, 2010

Remember me

While crying my eyes out for Remember me, do I dream about these shoes...

1. Versace shoes that I only want to sleep with, not wear, €2320
2. Miu Miu shoes that I would wear from Monday to Friday, €390
3. Miu Miu shoes that I would wear Friday and Saturday night, €380
4. YSL, if I could choose one of these shoes, it would probably be this onces. I would wear them everyday for the rest of my life! €820

All shoes are from www.net-a-porter.com

Italian test today went fine. I just hope I pass. How much I get is not important.

Tomorrow: Look at an apartment. Hoping for the best! And after go for some shopping. After that do I have class, Project 1 research.

Buona notte

22 March, 2010

Good vs bad

I thought that it would be good to write some bad and good things about the school.

Most of the teachers are good. I mean that the teachers are good at teaching, not only good at what they are teaching.
When they give you the marks for a exam don't they just look how good you are, but how big your improvement is also.

They way the school organize everything is bad! I, personally, think that they are bad at giving information. Not the teachers, the school.
The rest of the teachers that aren't in "good" are bad. They are good professionals, but not good at teaching.
For paying so much for the school, the school should be much better.

That's it for today. I will try to write some things every week or when I think of something.

In the same time as I think of the bad things, I try to forget it. I mean, working for fashion or with whatever, most of the time things are not perfect. And I think it's good that everything is not perfect, because later when I get a job, hopefully a good one, I will go thrue bad things. So I will be a bit prepared for it.
It's hard to explain how I feel, but something like that. Try to understand! hahaha

Anyway. Today did I have my material technology exam. Finally it's over! It went okey, not much more. The only thing I hope is that I pass. How many points I get is not important. I will you you my book when I get it back!

After school did I go to the supermarket and then did I go to my friend for dinner. We made heart-shaped tortellini with pesto. For dessert chocolate cake and strawberries. To drink: Fragolino.
It was perfect!

Now: good bye!


21 March, 2010

Party all the night...

until the morning! I had the crazyest night ever! I don't even know what to say. It was just crazy. I love The Club!!


18 March, 2010


I got back my fashion drawing test, the resutls: sufficient. He only gave insufficient/sufficient. I was really scared because when he talked in class didn't he sound very happy. And many didn't pass the test. So when he called my name and I was in my way to him, my heart was beating so fast. But it wasn't that bad. He told me that he was happy with the results and he has seen a lot of inprovement of my work. So I'm really happy :)

Today did I go to Triennale. There was an exibition of Roy Liechtenstein or something like that... Our modern and contemporary art- teacher told us to go there. I din't find it interesting. But me and my friends went in to a exibition of Greta Garbo. That was more interesting. There was clothes and pictures of her. Much more fun :)

Tomorrow: 09.00-12.00 Material Technology
12.30-15.30 Project 1 research
16.00-19.00 Textile design
Oh my God! That wont be fun at all!

I'll watch a movie now. One movie that YOU should watch is Up in the air. Really good!


16 March, 2010

Ciao bella

Ciao! Come va? Tutto bene? haha alright, let's quit this shit!

This day was so good. I'm really happy. I don't know if it's the perfect weather or my new haircut. Anyway, I'm feeling good! I woke up at 11.30, ate breakfast and went to the hair dresser. I'm happy that I went, because I usually dont "treat" myself with things like that.
I went with Victoria and we both decided to do something different with our hair. She cut her hair short and I LOVED it! It is so pretty on her. What did I do to my hair?... Not much. I asked the hair dresser(Mr Handsome Guy) what I should colour my hair to and he said that I should keep the red/brown colour. So he only colored the outgrowth. The best thing with going to the hair dresser is when they wash the hair. This time did I get head massage, I almost fell asleep, it was sooo good!
Then was it time to cut the hair. I've always had long boring hair. And the guy didn't think that I should cut short, so he just cut a side bang(right name?) and a bit shorter. It's really nice now... I feel brand new haha

Tickets to Frankfurt are booked now and I'm going with my sister and Victoria. We're staying for a week. And we're going to the William Fitzsimmons consert!

Before going... A reality show that I loved when I lived in sweden was Swedish Hollywood wifes. It's so funny. And now have they released season 2. I watched 2 episodes of it today. You just got to love them! hahaha

I forgot to tell you about todays weather! It was fantastic! It was like summer for me. Love love love!

Buona notte

15 March, 2010


.... no titel today.

Why am I so unispired? I'm trying to make sketches for Project 1 research, but I can't! It's killing me...

We don't have any classes tomorrow. Italian class is cancelled. And on wednesday have I only one class, Pattern making and tailoring.
Tomorrow have I an appointment with the hairdresser. I'm going to colour and cut my hair. I don't know if I should make it dark(my natural colour) or light brown. Let's see how I feel tomorrow.

Here is some pictures from Sweden. Enjoy!


14 March, 2010


I've heard that chocolate gives you longer life... So I guess that I'm gonna live forever!...

One thing that I don't like with my class is:
Most of the people in my class cares about them self all the time. They want people to fail so they look better. Fine it's a fashionschool and in the end isn't it about making friends. But it doesn't hurt to make friends and try to be kind.
I hate that everyone have to be fake and use other people. People pretend that they are your friend when they're not....

Anyway... I'm going to Frankfurt for a week with my sister and Victoria. Willian Fitzsimmons is having a consert 25/5, so I'm going! Yaaaay


10 March, 2010

Photoshop exam...

I got back my results from the Photoshop exam. It went very good. Better than I thought... There was two grades, one for the homeworks and one for the exam. I got 27/30 on the exam and 30/30 on the homeworks. It was really surprising! I didn't know that I was doing so good in photoshop. But I'm so happy! It's the first course I've got 30/30. Yaaaay..... It have given me so much confidence :)

Today: I went to China town with my sister and Sandra. I didn't buy anything. But we ate in a chinese resturant. It was so much food. And for dessert did we eat fried bananas and ananas... and with that did we eat fried ice cream! FRIED! That was some wierd shit! hahaha crazy! Anyway, after that did we go for some shopping in Via Torino. I bought a bag for my mother(she's having birthday tomorrow). And some clothes from H&M and Pull and Bear.


09 March, 2010

Textile Design

A new course started today, Textile Design.

I hope I will like this course. Right now I don't. It might be 'cause I didn't understand a thing of what the teacher said. His english was so bad! And we got a homework wich I didn't understand, no one in class understood what he said.

I hope it get's better!


Red carpet

Here are some of my favorite dresses!

1. Cameron Diaz, Oscar de la Renta
2. Sarah Jessica Parker, Chanel Haute Couture
3. Zoe Saldana, Givenchy Haute Couture
4. Carey Mulligan, Prada
5. Sandra Bullock, Marchesa
6. Miley Cyrus, Jenny Packham

Here is the Bad one:

1. Mariah Carey, Valentino Haute Couture
This dress looks terrible on her. She makes this dress look terrible. I hate it!


08 March, 2010

Red carpet

My last night in Sweden. And I'm watching the red carpet. I like most of the dresses...
Tomorrow will I pick out my favorite dresses from this year.

Buona notte

04 March, 2010

- 10 degrees

I'm in Sweden and it's sooooo cold! It wasn't that bad when we came but in the evening did it get colder.

I left my things at my cousins place and tried my new dress... It's a bit to big, so tomorrow will I go and make it smaller and shorter tomorrow.

Later did me and my friends go for some shopping. I bought some nice things. But tomorrow does the shopping continue.
Today did I buy a short leather blazer from Monki. Really nice. It was on sale. The price was €50 but it was 75% off. And when I went to pay did they say that it was 50% off on the sale price! So I payed €6. It's NOTHING! I'm so happy with it!

By the way... me and my friends did only talk english and italian. And actually, I'm really good. It's just that I'm to scared to talk to people in Italy. I have to work on that!!



....tomorrow, I love ya, tomorrow. We're only a day away :)

In a few hours will I take the flight to Sweden.
Wedding on saturday!

Yesterday: I had one class at 16 so I finished my friends dress that she's going to wear at the wedding. Pictures when I coming back.

Today: We started working with Illustrator. But I couldn't focus.
My sister texted me during class and told me that my dress that was supposed to come today hasn't arrived. They had some problems with the delivery and the dress is not coming at all. So today after class did I look for a dress in Milan, but I couldn't find one. My sister will buy me one from sweden and I hope it will be good!

I have to sleep now.

Buona notte