09 February, 2010

Project 1 research

I now know what to do for project 1 research. Finally!

Unnoticed Milano
I've been taking pictures of things you don't think of. Why I chose to work with that is because the picture above. On the picture is Cinque Giornate. That was why I took the picture. When I looked at the picture did I notice that the strings for the trams where more focused than the actual object.
That got me the thought of havning that as a subject for this project. "Unnoticed"
What I'm doidng now is to make a book with pictures and thoughts. (I will show pictures when it's done) I will aslo put in fabrics that is similar to the pictures. It's really hard to explain. You have to wait until I'm finished with it.

Costume lab
We're finished with the corset and the bustle. Tomorrow will we have dubble lesson. 6 hours of costume lab. And after will I have Pattern and tailoring in 3 hours. Though and long day!
We have to be finished with the dress at thursday. At friday morning is the exam.

For some wierd reason doesn't my computer and my camera work properly. My computer is getting really slow and I've only had it since I moved to Milano. And my camera doesn't start. And I've tried to charge it but it doesn't work anyway.
I think I will buy a Mac when I'm going back to Sweden in mars and I will try to return the camera...


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