15 February, 2010

I'm in Milano B*tch!

The title?!
Well, I don't know why. But I am in Milano!

My Valentine's day was amazing! You can not believe what I've done. Just the perfect way to celebrate it.
I woke up at 9.30 because my brain have got used to waking up that early everyday. Thank you for that, costume lab!
I got dressed and went to Duomo, for some shopping. (Yeah right)
I bought a the book for the project, wich also was a kind of project for me. How can they not have just regulare books with blank pages in the bookstores? I found one, for €9.50, and that shitty book didn't have blank pages! I had to take it 'cause it was the best book they had. There was one good thing with the bookstore, I bought a chocolate calendar for €5.50 (50% off) and when I was going to pay did I get chocolate.

I went home and finished Project 1 research. And it looked like shit! Seriously, like shit!
So I changed my whole idea. Well, I kept the pictures, but just changed the consept.

The project ended up being in 1 A4 page. Not much. But it was a lot better than the "kind of book that is trying to look professional but it looks like a shitty thing that my nephew could have done much better (he's 6 month)".

I'm noticing that I'm in a bad mood... hmmm...

Time: 19.21 14 February 2010 "Rumija is in big need of chocolate"
At nearly 20.00 did I put on my running shoes and ran (no, walked) to nearest pizzeria. Actually, not the nearest, I have my favorite place a bit further and they have this amazinglygoodcalzonething with nutella, panna and nuts. Can you even imagine?! I came home and ate theperfectthing and I went to bed.

My Valentine's day couldn't be much better. <3

Have I told You that I'm not eating chocolate for 3 weeks? I'm healthy now(HAHA!). Yaaay me!

The pictures above: Yes, that is my project! The teacher liked it, but she thinks I'm a bit pessimistic, (really?!). Some words are misspelled and some are forgotten.

I think it's enough now!

One more thing: I'm going to be a dresser for Gabriele Colangelo fashionshow!

Tomorrow: Fashion drawing free lab and Italian test.

Bouna notte

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