04 February, 2010

Costume lab

This class is killing me! I'm super serious! Waking up that early everyday is not right. The days are really long and you're tired all the time.
We've started with the "real" corset(I did the first one wrong, and the second one was to try out the size). We have also started with the jacket and the bustle(kind of crinoline). It's taking forever! It's one more week until the exam. And we havn't done much, I feel a bit stressed.
Tomorrow has the corset to be done. And on monday do we have to start with the dress.

Here is the dress we're making. Nice huh?

One more thing that is freaking me out is the photoshop homeworks and the exam. My photoshop trial has ended. I doesn't work anymore. I have to fix it on somehow.


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