01 February, 2010

Costume lab

This class seems really fun, but also expencive! I love tailoring and in this cours are we going to work in groups of 3 people and create a dress from 1800 century. Each group got one decade. My group got 1880(I think). We have 2 weeks to make this dress. And believe me, it's not a small dress. It's a big one! We're also making a corset and a crinoline. For 2 weeks, 3 hours every morning, are we going to do this. Next friday is the end of this course.
I don't remember the name of the teacher, but what I remember is that he's a designer in Israel.

I'm finished with all photoshop assignments. It feels sooo good! Today did I finish this one (picture below). Before and after picture. What have I done? I did my "design" and then added patterns for the clothes. I'm very happy with it, it looks really nice.

I will show pictures of the dress tomorrow.


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