21 February, 2010

Carneval in Milano...

...and it was shit. Literally!

My Saturday was good. I woke up early (at 12.30) and I went to Duomo with Victoria.
Sonia Rykiel for H&M's new collection came out today. And I liked it a lot. I usually don't wear that much colors because I love black. But I actually bought one top. The one on the picture. I look really cute in it hihi :)
Price: €29

Ok, the carneval...First, the weather was so f*cking nice! During the day was it a lot of people in Duomo. The kids where so cute. They all got dressed up like princesses(girls) and superheroes(boys). There was one girl, she had this amazing dress. I really wanted to steal it from her(HAHA, as is the dress would suit me)

After some shopping did we go to my friends place and cooked meatballs with tomato saus and pasta. And we drank Fragoline, wich is a strawberry champange. Soo nice!

And at 21 did we go back to Duomo to watch some show, wich sucked. It was so bad. I lost 2 hours of my precious time on that!

Anyway... Tomorrow is the day before my heathly weeks starts. And I have to study and eat all kinds of food that I wont eat the two up coming weeks.

Picture from H&M's homepage

Buona notte

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