28 February, 2010


...week: Sweden. I'm taking three of my fiends with me :)

Material technology power point presentation- Designer brand with ecolgical garments

Modern and contemporary art

...and go to supermarket!

Buona notte

Gabriele Colangelo Backstage

This fashionshow was cazy! Every piece was amzing. I LOVED it!

I really haven't thought very much about what designer that speaks to me the most. Because every designer always have something bad and something good in evey collection. But it's not really my style.

But this designer has exactly what I want. When I saw his clothes did I think of me. The collection is something I would make. My style of clothes and colors.

Backstage photos from Gabriele Colangelo Autumn/Winter 2010

To see the whole collection go to: style.com


26 February, 2010

Love is a poor mans food

...and I'm eating breakfast :)

Fashion drawing; we learned how to do draw brocade and damask. It looks really nice, but it's a bit hard to get it right.
I also worked with last weeks assignment, wich was different laces. Underwear lace, bobbin lace and fiandra cotton canvas.

There are so many fashionshows that I want to go to. But I didn't get any tickets. The school decided to only give tickets to the ones how's taking master courses.
But tomorrow is the Gabriele Colangelo fashionshow and I'm a dresser. Backstage photos on sunday!

Make a dress for my friend. And some shopping in China town.


24 February, 2010

What movie should I watch today?

Photoshop exam went well. I thought it was going to be hard. But it wasn't...

I got ticket to a fashionshow today. BNG is the brand...it's something new.
Well, what did I think about the fashionshow? I think it was shit. Maybe not everything,
but almost! The garments looked cheap and unfinished.


23 February, 2010


I'm reading my friends blog...
She has made a summary of last year.Her first half was the same as mine. And so many memories are coming back. She has pictures from fashion week in Copenhagen that we went to. That was a really crazy trip! It was a year ago. I miss it though. I miss all my friends...

Here is one picture from the trip to Copenhagen.
(I brought the fake teeth haha)

There is more pictures at her blog: kajsamagdalena.blogspot.com

Buona notte

Good bye Sony Ericsson and Hello Blackberry

My phone broke yesterday.
And I bought a new one. Mr LuckyPhone that I will spend all time with is a Blackberry Curve. Price €249.

Here is a picture of my old phone and my new one :)

Tomorrow: Photoshop exam. And YES I'm really nervous!


21 February, 2010

Carneval in Milano...

...and it was shit. Literally!

My Saturday was good. I woke up early (at 12.30) and I went to Duomo with Victoria.
Sonia Rykiel for H&M's new collection came out today. And I liked it a lot. I usually don't wear that much colors because I love black. But I actually bought one top. The one on the picture. I look really cute in it hihi :)
Price: €29

Ok, the carneval...First, the weather was so f*cking nice! During the day was it a lot of people in Duomo. The kids where so cute. They all got dressed up like princesses(girls) and superheroes(boys). There was one girl, she had this amazing dress. I really wanted to steal it from her(HAHA, as is the dress would suit me)

After some shopping did we go to my friends place and cooked meatballs with tomato saus and pasta. And we drank Fragoline, wich is a strawberry champange. Soo nice!

And at 21 did we go back to Duomo to watch some show, wich sucked. It was so bad. I lost 2 hours of my precious time on that!

Anyway... Tomorrow is the day before my heathly weeks starts. And I have to study and eat all kinds of food that I wont eat the two up coming weeks.

Picture from H&M's homepage

Buona notte

18 February, 2010

16 February, 2010

Today's wish list

I love this cardigan from Vionnet! Everything with it is perfect.
Price, €620

Perfect shorts for the spring/summer from Tibi.
Price, €250

Asymmetric skirt from Carven.
Price, €150

This amazing dress that I only can dream of from Lanvin.
Price, €5,180

Everything can be bought in www.net-a-porter.com



I'm eating strawberries! They are so good!
People in Sweden, do you want? Hahaha

(Notice my very clean desk)


15 February, 2010

I'm in Milano B*tch!

The title?!
Well, I don't know why. But I am in Milano!

My Valentine's day was amazing! You can not believe what I've done. Just the perfect way to celebrate it.
I woke up at 9.30 because my brain have got used to waking up that early everyday. Thank you for that, costume lab!
I got dressed and went to Duomo, for some shopping. (Yeah right)
I bought a the book for the project, wich also was a kind of project for me. How can they not have just regulare books with blank pages in the bookstores? I found one, for €9.50, and that shitty book didn't have blank pages! I had to take it 'cause it was the best book they had. There was one good thing with the bookstore, I bought a chocolate calendar for €5.50 (50% off) and when I was going to pay did I get chocolate.

I went home and finished Project 1 research. And it looked like shit! Seriously, like shit!
So I changed my whole idea. Well, I kept the pictures, but just changed the consept.

The project ended up being in 1 A4 page. Not much. But it was a lot better than the "kind of book that is trying to look professional but it looks like a shitty thing that my nephew could have done much better (he's 6 month)".

I'm noticing that I'm in a bad mood... hmmm...

Time: 19.21 14 February 2010 "Rumija is in big need of chocolate"
At nearly 20.00 did I put on my running shoes and ran (no, walked) to nearest pizzeria. Actually, not the nearest, I have my favorite place a bit further and they have this amazinglygoodcalzonething with nutella, panna and nuts. Can you even imagine?! I came home and ate theperfectthing and I went to bed.

My Valentine's day couldn't be much better. <3

Have I told You that I'm not eating chocolate for 3 weeks? I'm healthy now(HAHA!). Yaaay me!

The pictures above: Yes, that is my project! The teacher liked it, but she thinks I'm a bit pessimistic, (really?!). Some words are misspelled and some are forgotten.

I think it's enough now!

One more thing: I'm going to be a dresser for Gabriele Colangelo fashionshow!

Tomorrow: Fashion drawing free lab and Italian test.

Bouna notte

13 February, 2010

Costume lab exam

Here are some pictures from the exam. We didn't finish the dress, there wasn't enough time to do the draping on the skirt. But it didn't matter...

What do you think? :)

I have to start with the Project 1 research presentation now.


12 February, 2010


The exam went really good. My group did a good job and the result was 28/30. I'm so happy! :) I will show pictures of the dress tomorrow...

I've found a dress that I really want! From Valentino. The perfect black dress that I would wear it over and over again. It's not that expencive, €450. I could buy it without feeling bad haha...

You can buy the dress at store.valentino.com


11 February, 2010

The Crazyness is gone...

Alexander McQueen is dead! Even if I didn't like his clothes very much did I like him as a designer. He was the only one that dared to have crazy style and ideas.

May he rest in peace.


09 February, 2010

Project 1 research

I now know what to do for project 1 research. Finally!

Unnoticed Milano
I've been taking pictures of things you don't think of. Why I chose to work with that is because the picture above. On the picture is Cinque Giornate. That was why I took the picture. When I looked at the picture did I notice that the strings for the trams where more focused than the actual object.
That got me the thought of havning that as a subject for this project. "Unnoticed"
What I'm doidng now is to make a book with pictures and thoughts. (I will show pictures when it's done) I will aslo put in fabrics that is similar to the pictures. It's really hard to explain. You have to wait until I'm finished with it.

Costume lab
We're finished with the corset and the bustle. Tomorrow will we have dubble lesson. 6 hours of costume lab. And after will I have Pattern and tailoring in 3 hours. Though and long day!
We have to be finished with the dress at thursday. At friday morning is the exam.

For some wierd reason doesn't my computer and my camera work properly. My computer is getting really slow and I've only had it since I moved to Milano. And my camera doesn't start. And I've tried to charge it but it doesn't work anyway.
I think I will buy a Mac when I'm going back to Sweden in mars and I will try to return the camera...


04 February, 2010

Costume lab

This class is killing me! I'm super serious! Waking up that early everyday is not right. The days are really long and you're tired all the time.
We've started with the "real" corset(I did the first one wrong, and the second one was to try out the size). We have also started with the jacket and the bustle(kind of crinoline). It's taking forever! It's one more week until the exam. And we havn't done much, I feel a bit stressed.
Tomorrow has the corset to be done. And on monday do we have to start with the dress.

Here is the dress we're making. Nice huh?

One more thing that is freaking me out is the photoshop homeworks and the exam. My photoshop trial has ended. I doesn't work anymore. I have to fix it on somehow.


01 February, 2010

Costume lab

This class seems really fun, but also expencive! I love tailoring and in this cours are we going to work in groups of 3 people and create a dress from 1800 century. Each group got one decade. My group got 1880(I think). We have 2 weeks to make this dress. And believe me, it's not a small dress. It's a big one! We're also making a corset and a crinoline. For 2 weeks, 3 hours every morning, are we going to do this. Next friday is the end of this course.
I don't remember the name of the teacher, but what I remember is that he's a designer in Israel.

I'm finished with all photoshop assignments. It feels sooo good! Today did I finish this one (picture below). Before and after picture. What have I done? I did my "design" and then added patterns for the clothes. I'm very happy with it, it looks really nice.

I will show pictures of the dress tomorrow.