28 January, 2010

Not good!

Shame on me! I havn't updated for many days now. I don't know why. So sorry for that.
Anyway, here is a update for all week.

hmmh.. I don't even remember what I did. I don't think I did much that day, I just went to my friends place to start with the History of fashion project. The subject is: Fashion history in music. Or something like that.
I was at home all day. I didn't do anything at all.
I thought I was going to have only one lesson that day. At 16. Because we've started with the Project 1 research and we been divided in 3 groups. There are 3 different lessons for that. Well, I thought that I (group 3) was having my lesson at tuesday afternoon. But for some strange reason, they put group 3 in the first lesson. So I planed my day very well, I was going to take it easy that day! And then I got a call from my friend and she asked me what I was doing and I was still sleeping(at 12). And the told me that I had the lesson on monday and I had 30 minutes left until it begins. Well, I had to get dressed and go to school.
I came back from school at 18.30. And I did some homework.
Me and my friends had the day off, (we skipped the italian) we went for a "sightseeing" to get pictures for Project 1 research. It was really fun. We went to places outside Milan, to places I haven't seen before.
We had photoshop and we learned how to change colours of garments without taking away the shadows. Yeah, it sounds complicated. In fact, it is complicated!
We also had Pattern making and tailoring class. I almost finished the design top. I'm going to finish it this weekend. I'm really happy with it. But it took me a lot of time! Next week will I start with the volume top.
We got back our fashion drawing exams and I passed. But I'm not really happy with the results, so for next exam will I work even more with the final book.

That's it! I don't think I've missed anything. So now will I eat my chokladpudding :) some chocolate thing from sweden, I LOVE IT!

And I can show you some pictures from the "sightseeing" another day.


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