18 January, 2010

Moncler fashionshow

My day have been awsome! I went to school to get my IED-card, then did I go to the Moncler fashion show. We had to be there at 12 for the rehersal. I didn't understand why we had to be there for so long, but now I now.
The thing with Moncler is that they always have crazy fashion shows. Last Fall/winter show did the get fake snow and they built a small ski slope as a runway. I mean, that is crazy!
This year didn't they have that crazy things. But the concept for this year was; ski camp. "walk like you've just won the Olympic's", as the leader said.
As you can see at the pictures, everything is like a camp. There are no "runway", the runway is around the beds. It was crazy. But so much fun.
What we, the dressers, had to do was to pack their bag so every garment is in right order. Make sure that everythings look good when they "go to bed". And kiss them good night :)
The pictures above is from the rehersal. The last two guys where mine... Well, they still are. hahaha

I have to stop dreaming now.


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