19 January, 2010

Knitting exam

Well, I'm not happy with the results of the exam. I'm not saying that my work was really good, because I don't care that much about it, but come on! She could have given me higher grades. Many of the people in class wasn't worth the grades they got and some didn't get as good as they should have. But now I don't wanna think about it anymore. I'm finished with it and I couldn't be more happy!

I'm almost done with the fashion drawing exam. I have the flats left and 3 A4 with hands, feet and heads.

At GQ.com can you see more pictures from the Moncler show. "My" models where Adrian Busch(picture 44) and Guilherme Klopper(picture 45). Go to Fashion shows and choose Monlcer Gamme Bleu Fall 2010.


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