31 January, 2010

I don't feel it anymore

My sister have made me addicted to William Fitzsimmons, he's a singer. His music is so beautiful and good. You should listen to some song!

I didn't sleep much last night. Me and my friends was at S's place, we watched movies, 5 movies(!!), we went to bed at 5.30 but we couldn't sleep. We played a music game. It was really fun, but I don't think the neighbors liked it. And one of my friends, V, she's really crazy. She really is a morning person. I'm not! She woke us up at 11! She started to sing and dance. But she let us sleep 1 more hour (yaaay), not because she's kind, NO!, because she had to take a shower. Hahaha
Do you wanna know what movies we watched? Yes? No? I'm goning to tell you anyway :)
We started with Rec, a spanish "scary" movie. It was just wierd. We didn't watch everything.
And then The Strangers, a "scary" movie, it wasn't really scary. And I didn't get the end. Everything was confusing.
Movie nr 3 was Youth in revolt, hahaha I don't know what to say. We stoped watching it after 30 min.
Last movie was Stomp the yard, I've seen it many times and I never get tired of dancing movies.
Today did we watch New moon. I love it! I can't get enough of this vampire thing.

The moon here in Milan today is amazing, so beautiful. It's full moon, is it full moon everywhere? hmm.. it should be..no?

Tomorrow are we going for another "sightseeing". We have to explore the rest of Milan.

Buona notte

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