11 January, 2010

Have you seen....

Have you seen the sale at www.net-a-porter.com??? I mean, GOD! They have 70% off att a lot of things. I L-O-V-E it!

And today at 23.42 I finished my knitting. Actually, it turned good. I'm really proud... haha
It took me a lot of time just to figure out what it could be. And now I know, it's a scarf with no ends and it can aslo be a hat. Tadaaaa. I can show You some pictures another day.
We have the last knitting class tomorrow. Can you even imagine how happy I am? We're also starting a new class, Project research, I have no idea of what it might be. Does someone know? Then please tell me!

Well, now am I going to continue to celebrate my finishing of the knit-project. I'm eating Marabou Digestive chocolate, sooooo good! But I still have a lot of homeworks left. I have to finish the Photoshop homework and the Fashion drawing book.


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