31 January, 2010

Sun in Milano

Sun in Milano, but really cold! I didn't put on much clothes today, I thought it was going to be warm outside. But no! It wasn't.
I want summer! Sun and heat! And ice cream :) I ate ice cream today. In Porta Venezia. It was so good!

I've done my Photoshop homework today. It took me a long time. This weeks assignment was to create advertising poster for Dior Poison or Chanel no 5 perfume. Below can you see mine. I don't know wich one of them I will hand out. Wich one do you think?

Buona notte

I'm a bit tired....

I'm a bit tired. But it's obvious why!

I forgot to tell you what I supposed to tell! We're starting a new class at monday morning. Costume lab. I don't know what it is. But it sounds fun :)
The "not fun" part is that we have it every morning this week. From 9 to 12. We usually don't have classes in the morning. So I guess I have to sleep earlier now. There is one more thing. We go to school from 9 to 18(wednesday 19). (CRAZY). But it's only this week.

That's it.

Buona notte

I don't feel it anymore

My sister have made me addicted to William Fitzsimmons, he's a singer. His music is so beautiful and good. You should listen to some song!

I didn't sleep much last night. Me and my friends was at S's place, we watched movies, 5 movies(!!), we went to bed at 5.30 but we couldn't sleep. We played a music game. It was really fun, but I don't think the neighbors liked it. And one of my friends, V, she's really crazy. She really is a morning person. I'm not! She woke us up at 11! She started to sing and dance. But she let us sleep 1 more hour (yaaay), not because she's kind, NO!, because she had to take a shower. Hahaha
Do you wanna know what movies we watched? Yes? No? I'm goning to tell you anyway :)
We started with Rec, a spanish "scary" movie. It was just wierd. We didn't watch everything.
And then The Strangers, a "scary" movie, it wasn't really scary. And I didn't get the end. Everything was confusing.
Movie nr 3 was Youth in revolt, hahaha I don't know what to say. We stoped watching it after 30 min.
Last movie was Stomp the yard, I've seen it many times and I never get tired of dancing movies.
Today did we watch New moon. I love it! I can't get enough of this vampire thing.

The moon here in Milan today is amazing, so beautiful. It's full moon, is it full moon everywhere? hmm.. it should be..no?

Tomorrow are we going for another "sightseeing". We have to explore the rest of Milan.

Buona notte

28 January, 2010

Not good!

Shame on me! I havn't updated for many days now. I don't know why. So sorry for that.
Anyway, here is a update for all week.

hmmh.. I don't even remember what I did. I don't think I did much that day, I just went to my friends place to start with the History of fashion project. The subject is: Fashion history in music. Or something like that.
I was at home all day. I didn't do anything at all.
I thought I was going to have only one lesson that day. At 16. Because we've started with the Project 1 research and we been divided in 3 groups. There are 3 different lessons for that. Well, I thought that I (group 3) was having my lesson at tuesday afternoon. But for some strange reason, they put group 3 in the first lesson. So I planed my day very well, I was going to take it easy that day! And then I got a call from my friend and she asked me what I was doing and I was still sleeping(at 12). And the told me that I had the lesson on monday and I had 30 minutes left until it begins. Well, I had to get dressed and go to school.
I came back from school at 18.30. And I did some homework.
Me and my friends had the day off, (we skipped the italian) we went for a "sightseeing" to get pictures for Project 1 research. It was really fun. We went to places outside Milan, to places I haven't seen before.
We had photoshop and we learned how to change colours of garments without taking away the shadows. Yeah, it sounds complicated. In fact, it is complicated!
We also had Pattern making and tailoring class. I almost finished the design top. I'm going to finish it this weekend. I'm really happy with it. But it took me a lot of time! Next week will I start with the volume top.
We got back our fashion drawing exams and I passed. But I'm not really happy with the results, so for next exam will I work even more with the final book.

That's it! I don't think I've missed anything. So now will I eat my chokladpudding :) some chocolate thing from sweden, I LOVE IT!

And I can show you some pictures from the "sightseeing" another day.


23 January, 2010

Last class with...

Yesterday did we have the last class with Alessandro Sellaretti. He've got a new job in another city as designer. So he's leaving Milan and IED. I don't like it! I thought he was a really good teacher. I even think he's the best teacher we have in school. Well, I would have done the same thing if I where him.

We will meet the new teacher next week. I hope he/she's good! He better be! hahaha

Today will me and my friends start with the project that we have for History of fashion.


19 January, 2010

Knitting exam

Well, I'm not happy with the results of the exam. I'm not saying that my work was really good, because I don't care that much about it, but come on! She could have given me higher grades. Many of the people in class wasn't worth the grades they got and some didn't get as good as they should have. But now I don't wanna think about it anymore. I'm finished with it and I couldn't be more happy!

I'm almost done with the fashion drawing exam. I have the flats left and 3 A4 with hands, feet and heads.

At GQ.com can you see more pictures from the Moncler show. "My" models where Adrian Busch(picture 44) and Guilherme Klopper(picture 45). Go to Fashion shows and choose Monlcer Gamme Bleu Fall 2010.


18 January, 2010

Moncler fashionshow

My day have been awsome! I went to school to get my IED-card, then did I go to the Moncler fashion show. We had to be there at 12 for the rehersal. I didn't understand why we had to be there for so long, but now I now.
The thing with Moncler is that they always have crazy fashion shows. Last Fall/winter show did the get fake snow and they built a small ski slope as a runway. I mean, that is crazy!
This year didn't they have that crazy things. But the concept for this year was; ski camp. "walk like you've just won the Olympic's", as the leader said.
As you can see at the pictures, everything is like a camp. There are no "runway", the runway is around the beds. It was crazy. But so much fun.
What we, the dressers, had to do was to pack their bag so every garment is in right order. Make sure that everythings look good when they "go to bed". And kiss them good night :)
The pictures above is from the rehersal. The last two guys where mine... Well, they still are. hahaha

I have to stop dreaming now.


17 January, 2010

Roberto Cavalli fashion show

Good evening everyone! I just woke up. My las 24 hours have been crazy!
My friend had a birthday party yesterday and we went to his place for pre-drinkin. After that we went to Just Cavalli Club. It was really fun there, but I think it was to croudy. But it probably going to be like this during fashion week. We left the club at 3.30, but I came home at 5. Finding a taxi at saturdays is so hard. I hate it!

Well, a few hours later I had to wake up and get ready for the Roberto Cavalli fashion show, mens collection. What did I think about the fashion show? It was perfect! I loved it! It makes me want to be a man. haha

I came home, ate some soup and went to sleep. Now, a few hours later am I a bit stressed. I should instead of sleeping do the fashion drawing. But if I would do it without my brain, then it's better to not do anything at all.

Tomorrow at 12 I have to be at Moncler. For 6 hours are we going to prepare the fashion show. And that is crazy! It shouldn't take so long. The show begins at 18.

I will tell you more about the show tomorrow.


15 January, 2010


Small update:
I just got ticket for the Cavalli fashionshow at sunday. I'm so happy right now! This day couldn't be much better!


Moncler fashionshow

I got an email today from Moncler. They're having there fashionshow for men's collection at monday and I'm going to be a dresser. Doesn't that sound good? A lot of models and I'm going to dress and undress them :)
But I'm a bit nervous, what if something gets wrong and what if I'm to slow. A lot of things to think of. Well, it will be fun anyway.

History of fashion-class got cancelled today. So I woke up really late, I guess I needed to sleep.

I should eat now and then begin with my homework!


13 January, 2010

Spring 2010 prêt-à-porter

Valentino och Lanvin, de här två designerna har gjort så fantastiska kollektioner for våren 2010. Jag skulle vilja ha på mig allt. Jag tror inte det fanns något som jag inte tyckte om. Det får mig att längta till våren och sommaren så himla mycket! Kollektionerna är så lättsamma och färgerna är precis vad jag vill ha! LOVE LOVE LOVE

Valentino and Lanvin, these two designers have done so beautiful collection for spring 2010. I would wear everything, I don't think I founded anything I disliked. It makes me yearn for spring and summer! The collections are so easy and the colors are exactly what I want! LOVE LOVE LOVE

By the way, I work on my photoshop skills. I've made this picture, it's not perfect, but it's fine. So do not look at my mistakes, look at the clothes.

Buona notte

12 January, 2010

Project 1 research

1. The knitting exam was moved to next week, but they forgot to send us information about that. I'm so pissed off!
2. I'm almost done whith the photoshop. I have Mr baby left. It's taking so long and I don't remember everything, there's so many things to learn at so short time.
3. I can't wait until we begin with Project 1 research! Finally we can do whatever we want to. The subject is: Milan. The inspiration must come from the architecture. And we're going to make a collection.
I can tell You more about the project another day.


11 January, 2010

Have you seen....

Have you seen the sale at www.net-a-porter.com??? I mean, GOD! They have 70% off att a lot of things. I L-O-V-E it!

And today at 23.42 I finished my knitting. Actually, it turned good. I'm really proud... haha
It took me a lot of time just to figure out what it could be. And now I know, it's a scarf with no ends and it can aslo be a hat. Tadaaaa. I can show You some pictures another day.
We have the last knitting class tomorrow. Can you even imagine how happy I am? We're also starting a new class, Project research, I have no idea of what it might be. Does someone know? Then please tell me!

Well, now am I going to continue to celebrate my finishing of the knit-project. I'm eating Marabou Digestive chocolate, sooooo good! But I still have a lot of homeworks left. I have to finish the Photoshop homework and the Fashion drawing book.


10 January, 2010

Today's wish outfit

I just woke up and I see the sun outside my window. Wonderful!

This is what I want to wear:

Outfit 1

Skirt, Miu Miu
Cardigan, Miu Miu
Bag, Marni
Shoes, Miu Miu

Outfit 2

Jacket, Alexander Mcqueen
Leather pants, Helmut Lang
Top, Splendid
Shoes, Christian Louboutin

All things can be bougt at www.net-a-porter.com

I have to knit now!


it's time for some knitting

I'm back to Milano!
My plans for tomorrow:
1. Knit
2. Knit
3. Knit
4. And knit a bit more
5. Photoshop homework

I'm so tired and I have to sleep. My stairs are killing me! I hate them! I'm so glad that I'm moving from this appartment soon.

Bouna notte

07 January, 2010

A few days left

There is only 3 days left until I'm leaving Sweden.
I need to get many things done before I leave, but I cant wait until I'm back in Milano.
I finally managed to download Photoshop, but it's only a trial, it works in 30 days. I have to buy it after.
I'm a bit worried. There is a lot of homework left to do. The thing I'm worried about the most is the knitting. I've started with it, but I still don't know what it will be. It can be a surprise, for you and for me :)

Here are some shoes that I wan't. They can be bought in www.net-a-porter.com
Brown suede shoes, Marni, was €490 now €290
White and black shoes, Marni, was €499 now €299
Leopard printed ankle boots, YSL, was €1140 now €570
Black suede ankle boots, Giuseppe Zanotti, was €705 now €423

I will watch 7 Pounds now.


03 January, 2010


I went to the cinema today. I watched Avatar. It might be the best movie I've seen.
The movie was so good. I usually don't like these kinds of movies, but I liked this one.

I've also started with my knitting exam. And tomorrow am I going to study and do the fashion drawing exam.
Some things that I'm worried about is the photoshop homework. I haven't managed to download the photoshop trials, it's a little problem for me, I'm not good with computers.

I have to do some knitting now.


It's a new year


New years eve could have been better. My family and my relatives went to a Assyrian party. The party wasn't much fun, but the food was good.

My new years outfit:
Corset, Sonia Rykiel
Skirt, H&M
Shoes, some market in Milano

My make up got done....very fast.

Happy new year!

Bouna notte