23 December, 2009

Welcome to Sweden..

I'm finally back in Sweden. And I'm soo tired.

I had my flight at monday afternoon. My flight got cancelled. The weather was really bad. We couldn't even leave the airport.
I got a new ticket at thuesday. Even that flight got cancelled. And the service at the airport was very bad. I didn't know what to do, because the flights to Sweden was overbooked until 27 dec. The worst thing was that they didn't help us with new tickets, they told us to get the new tickets on internet. And they don't even have internet in the airport.
You can not imagine how I felt. There was so many emotions and just wanted to cry. I was so pissed off.
So I went back to my apartment and I looked for another flight to Sweden. I got one ticket, today in the morning.

Well, I got my ticket and I was supposed to wake up at 7.30 this morning. And I turned off the alarm. I overslept in 2 hours. I woke up at 9.40 and the time of the flight was 11. I took a cab to the airport wich take 50 minutes. I didn't get there on time... But the flight was delayed. Yaaaay, I got home today. Finally!

Now am I at my cousins home in Stockholm. And I'm leaving to Linköping tomorrow morning.


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