16 December, 2009

TR Technique

Today we had the last TR technique and Photoshop lesson before Christmas. We've got a lot of work to do during the holiday.
Now in Photoshop, we're learning how to cut out pieces from a image and paste it in other images and backgrounds using mask and lasso-tools. During the holidays we have to make a moodboard with 7 images and ad shadows to them. One other thing we have to do is to cut 8 images and put it on another background. And the last one is Mr Baby, I will tell more about him another day.

For TR technique have I a lot to do. I have to finish the volume skirt(it's taking a long time, me and my teacher had some problems with it). While the teacher tried to fix the skirt, I began with the top. I made the base top and on that I did my design by touching the critical points. Actually I'm really happy with my design. And the teacher also liked it very much(that's good, I need some more self-confidence).
So during Christmas I have want to finish the top aslo, so I can start with the volume top when I come back.

The pictures above is from the last Fashion drawing lesson. At the first picture is the teacher showing different materials. And the second picture is flats, YSL. We have to combine the garments to different outfits. The both pictures are from the YSL-collection.


Devo dormire adesso. Ho lezione di domani(knitting class)

Buona notte

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