21 December, 2009

Jul, jul, strålande jul...

Not many hours left until I'm going home. The weather here in Milan is great. I love the snow. But I can't wait until I get home, there is ever more snow there!
It's so sad that I'm leaving my friends for almost 3 weeks. I'm going to miss them so much. But in the same time, I can't wait until I will meet my friends and family.

There is so many things I have to fix before I leave.

1. I have to go to Duomo to get a ATM-card. In two month have I bought tickes to go to school every day. And if I get it tomorrow it will be done until I get back from Sweden.
2. By Promarkers.
3. Go to school and print out my plane- and train ticket.
4. Go to Material technique-class and leave after 1 hour
5. Go home and get my luggage.
6. Take a cab to train station and then take the bus to the airport.

By the way, I bought really nice shoes(high heels) from the market outside my place. I will show some pictures of them another day.

The picture above is from friday. I love the snow!

Buona notte

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