28 December, 2009

Today's purchase

I went for some shopping. There wasn't that much good things. But I bought some nice garments. Here are some of the things I bought.

I bought the Sonia Rykiel set on sale. I thought it was finished, but my size was left :) Total cost: €23.
The top is from a swedish store, Gina Tricot. I bought it in pink and in black, €13 each.
I also bought Promarkers. They where really cheap, much cheaper than Milano, €2,5 each.

I bought much more today, but I don't have any pictures.


I Love Sale

There is a big sale at www.net-a-porter.com. A lot of the things I wan't is much "cheaper" now.

Alexander Mcqueen, knitwear, was €2,550 now €1,530
Zac Posen, blouse, was €800 now €480
Vivienne Westwood, was €320 now €220

It's new years eve soon. I can't wait! But I don't now what to wear jet.
I'm going to meet my old classmates tomorrow. After will I go for some shopping. I hope I find a nice dress.

I have to begin with my homework these days. It's a lot to do and I don't have much time.

Bouna notte

27 December, 2009

Christmas break

My Christmas break have been awsome. So many things has happend. I really do believe that this kinds of holidays bring peolpe together.

I've got many good things this Christmas. But I have a lot of things left that I need to buy.

Here are some pictures from Christmas.

Boun Natale


23 December, 2009

Welcome to Sweden..

I'm finally back in Sweden. And I'm soo tired.

I had my flight at monday afternoon. My flight got cancelled. The weather was really bad. We couldn't even leave the airport.
I got a new ticket at thuesday. Even that flight got cancelled. And the service at the airport was very bad. I didn't know what to do, because the flights to Sweden was overbooked until 27 dec. The worst thing was that they didn't help us with new tickets, they told us to get the new tickets on internet. And they don't even have internet in the airport.
You can not imagine how I felt. There was so many emotions and just wanted to cry. I was so pissed off.
So I went back to my apartment and I looked for another flight to Sweden. I got one ticket, today in the morning.

Well, I got my ticket and I was supposed to wake up at 7.30 this morning. And I turned off the alarm. I overslept in 2 hours. I woke up at 9.40 and the time of the flight was 11. I took a cab to the airport wich take 50 minutes. I didn't get there on time... But the flight was delayed. Yaaaay, I got home today. Finally!

Now am I at my cousins home in Stockholm. And I'm leaving to Linköping tomorrow morning.


21 December, 2009

Jul, jul, strålande jul...

Not many hours left until I'm going home. The weather here in Milan is great. I love the snow. But I can't wait until I get home, there is ever more snow there!
It's so sad that I'm leaving my friends for almost 3 weeks. I'm going to miss them so much. But in the same time, I can't wait until I will meet my friends and family.

There is so many things I have to fix before I leave.

1. I have to go to Duomo to get a ATM-card. In two month have I bought tickes to go to school every day. And if I get it tomorrow it will be done until I get back from Sweden.
2. By Promarkers.
3. Go to school and print out my plane- and train ticket.
4. Go to Material technique-class and leave after 1 hour
5. Go home and get my luggage.
6. Take a cab to train station and then take the bus to the airport.

By the way, I bought really nice shoes(high heels) from the market outside my place. I will show some pictures of them another day.

The picture above is from friday. I love the snow!

Buona notte

19 December, 2009

My Christmas wish list

It's less than a week to Christmas. Here is some things I want. Mom and dad, you should by me these things! :)

Bag, Chloé, €295
Oversized dress, Richard Nicoll, €390
Shoes, Acne, €445

Everything can be bought in www.net-a-porter.com

Of course that's not the only list I have. I don't expect you to buy these things for me. :)

Here is my real wishlist:

Cardigan, Forever21, €19
Bag, Forever21, €12
Dress, Forever21, €17

Everything can be bought in www.forever21.com

Buona notte

Sex on the beach

I had the best night in Milano yesterday!
Me and my friends went for a aperitivo. The food was really good and it was a very nice place. 2 hours and a few drinks later we went to a Cuban bar. They had live music and everything was so good. I had so much fun there!

I can't believe that it's Christmas in a few days. I can't belive that I've been here in Milan in more than 2 month. It's crazy. It feels like I've only been here for a couple of weeks, but I've known my friends for years.

Thank you guys for a great night!

I'm going to Duomo now. There is a Christmas market that I wan't to look at.

The pictures above is from yesterday in the Cuban bar.


18 December, 2009

Audrey Hepburn

The most beautiful women ever!
There are no words that can describe her beauty...


17 December, 2009

It's snowing in Milan!

Oh my God! It's snowing! It can not be much better now! I'm so happy!

Bouna notte!

16 December, 2009

TR Technique

Today we had the last TR technique and Photoshop lesson before Christmas. We've got a lot of work to do during the holiday.
Now in Photoshop, we're learning how to cut out pieces from a image and paste it in other images and backgrounds using mask and lasso-tools. During the holidays we have to make a moodboard with 7 images and ad shadows to them. One other thing we have to do is to cut 8 images and put it on another background. And the last one is Mr Baby, I will tell more about him another day.

For TR technique have I a lot to do. I have to finish the volume skirt(it's taking a long time, me and my teacher had some problems with it). While the teacher tried to fix the skirt, I began with the top. I made the base top and on that I did my design by touching the critical points. Actually I'm really happy with my design. And the teacher also liked it very much(that's good, I need some more self-confidence).
So during Christmas I have want to finish the top aslo, so I can start with the volume top when I come back.

The pictures above is from the last Fashion drawing lesson. At the first picture is the teacher showing different materials. And the second picture is flats, YSL. We have to combine the garments to different outfits. The both pictures are from the YSL-collection.


Devo dormire adesso. Ho lezione di domani(knitting class)

Buona notte

15 December, 2009

IED in Naviglio

I'm going out tonight with some friends. We're going to Naviglio for some IED thing. I hope it will be fun!

Tomorrow are IED Moda lab inviting us to see Valentino The Last Emperor.

By the way, the Italian test went good...I think.... :)


14 December, 2009

Today's wish list

In one week am I in Sweden! The best thing about it is the snow, it's snowing there!

I had to take a break from studying.
Here is some things I would love to have for Christmas:

Bag, One Vintage, €486
Dress, Vionnet, €1040
Dress, Valentino, €1500
Shoes, Brian Atwood, €1190

All things can be bought from www.net-a-porter.com


It's not "Just" Cavalli

The club yesterday was great! I loved it. The music, the people...everything about it was good.

I have a lot of homework this week, so I won't update that much.
Italian test + homework - thuesday
Fashion drawing homework - thursday

Not much left until I'm going back to Sweden!

The picture above is from yesterday.

Buona notte

12 December, 2009

Just Cavalli

Party tonight.
It's one of my friends birthday, so we're going out.
Just Cavalli is in our list and we are on their list! haha :)

It's going to be a late night. I will uptade with pictures tomorrow.


10 December, 2009

Fashion drawing test

We're having a test in fashion drawing at January 21. We have to give the teacher a book with all sketches and drawings. And then we have 3 hours to complete several tasks. I'm looking forward to this. But I think it's going to be difficult, because I don't think that 3 hours is enough.

During the Christmas holidays I need to finish all the illustations and the assignments.
That's not the only thing I have to do during the holidays. I aslo have to make something for knitting class. I don't really understand what we're supposed to do.... I have to ask the teacher, and she's kind a knitting nazi. She's mad all the time.

The picture above is from Yves Saint Laurent Fall 2009 Ready-to-Wear Collection

Ciaoo amiche é amici(I have to work on my Italian)

The Cullens, please...

Jag kan inte sova. Kan vara för att jag sov 5 timmar tidigare idag.
Har hamnat i en period då allting känns fel, tråkigt och deprimerande. Kanske borde festa bort det tråkiga.
Helg snart igen. Känns konstigt eftersom vi inte ens har haft lektioner de här dagarna.

Jag önskar mig Edward Cullen i julklapp... eller kanske hans pappa.

I can't sleep. It may be because i slept 5 hours earlier today.
I've ended up in a period when everything feels wrong, boring and depressing. Maybe I should partying away the boring things.
Weekend soon, again. It feels so wierd because we haven't got any classes this week.

I wish Edward Cullen for Christmas... or maybe his father.

Give me some love people!!!

I have to go to sleep now. Fashion drawing tomorrow. YAAAAAAAAY!

Buona notte

08 December, 2009


I forgot 1 important thing in my list! Sonia Rykiel's underwear collection for H&M is amazing! I love the most of it.

Bustier, €29
Briefs, €20
Corset, €30
Hotpants, €15


Buona notte

My Christmas wish list

I'm trying to finish my fashion drawing homework. But it doesn't go that well. I need a break. I thought I could write some things that I would love to have for christmas.

My shoe-wish list:

Christian Louboutin, €595
Alexander McQueen, €860
Yves Saint Laurent, €820
Fendi, €745
All shoes can be bought from www.net-a-porter.com

My budjet shoe-list:

Forever21, €19
Forever21, €19
H&M, €48
Skotrend.se, €29

Clothing wish list:

Vivienne Westwood Anglomania, €320
Cloé, €700
Sass&Bide, €120
Alexander Wang, €690
All things can be bought from www.net-a-porter.com

My budjet clothing list:

Forever21, €12
H&M, €10
H&M, €15
H&M, €17

It's time to continue with fashion drawing!


05 December, 2009


Here is some pictures from yesteday in Hollywood! It was so much fun! Stefano and Matthew's collection was amazing!

Now I have to sleep. I have to wake up early tomorrow and prepare the food for my birthday party. And I have holiday until wednesday. YAAAAAAY!

Buona notte

03 December, 2009


Två av mina klasskompisar, Stefano och Matthew, ska visa upp deras mini-kollektion i ett uteställe. Så jag ska iväg på pre-party hos dom och sedan ska vi ge oss iväg till Hollywood. Det har blivit väldigt mycket festande för min del. Vet inte längre vad jag ska ha på mig. Känner inte att jag har något snyggt.

Fashion drawing idag, nästa veckas läxa är att rita en av Max Maras kappor. Och utifrån den designa två liknande kappor. Ska bli kul! :)

Two of my classmates, Stefano and Matthew, are going to show their mini-collection in a bar. We're going at a pre-party at their place and later are we going to Hollywood. I've gone out and partying a lot. I even don't know what to wear. I feel that I don't have anything nice left.

Fashion drawing today, next weeks homework is to draw one of Max Maras coats. And from that draw two similar coats. It will be fun! :)

Tomorrow an I going to IKEA to buy some things. At Saturday am I going to have a dinner-party at my place. Yaaay!


02 December, 2009

Fashion drawing

Happy birthday to me! :)

Natten var helt underbar. Grymt kul hade vi!

The night was great. We had so much fun!

Yesterdays outfit:
Top, Made by Me
Skirt, H&M
Shoes, Scorett

Idag har jag haft Photoshop och TR technique. Kom inte så långt med TR, så jag får visa kjolen nästa vecka istället.
Här får ni se Fashion Drawing läxan.

We had Photoshop and TR technique today. I didn't get so much done, so I will show you the skirt next week.
Here is the Fashion Drawing homework.


01 December, 2009

Tonight's wish outfit x2

Är hemma och fixar mig inför utgång. Vet inte riktigt vad jag ska ha på mig.
Här är två outfits som jag skulle vilja bära ikväll:

I'm at home and getting ready for tonight. I don't know what to wear.
Here is two outfits that I would love to wear tonight:

Outfit 1:
Jumpsuit, ALLDRESSEDUP, €590
Vest, Matthew Williamson, €1,245
Earrings, Juicy Couture, €68
Shoes, Diane von Fursteneberg, €250

Outfit 2:
Shawl, Missoni, €530
Leggings, Sass & Bide, €120
Necklace, Dannijo, €687
Shoes, Charlotte Olympia, €726

Have a nice evening!


30 November, 2009

Dålig uppdatering/ Bad update...

Hej alla snygga läsare!
Förlåt för dålig uppdatering. Mycket har hänt de senaste dagarna.
I torsdags blev det spontan utgång, var inte hemma på hela dagen, kom hem kl 06 dagen därpå. På fredagen var jag för trött för att jag något alls(missade min frisörtid och min lektion).
På lördagen jag jag och mina vänner ut för att fira en klasskompis som fyllde år. Vi gick till Le Banque. Grymt ställe! Synd att det tog 1 timma för att lämna jackan i garderoben.
Kl 02, på övre dansgolvet, jag och mina kompisar dansar till "tonight's gonna be a good night". Helt plötsligt ser jag 2 av mina bästa vänner och min syster från Sverige framför mig. Jag förstod verkligen inte att det var sant. Så himla kul det var! Snacka om "good night"!
Igår gick vi på en antik marknad. Jag är på jakt efter en päls väst, hittade riktigt snygga i vintage butiker, men dom var alldeles för dyra. Dom kostade minst 2500kr.
Idag gick jag till skolan. Hade 3 timmar Material Technology. Inte så roligt!
Efter det träffade jag mina vänner och dom ville shoppa a la Milano.
Imorgon ska vi till Duomo för att shoppa lite till och senare på kvällen ska vi på aperitivo och efter det ska vi ut. (Fyller år på onsdag, ni har väl inte glömt?)
På onsdag eftermiddag åker dom hem. Får träffa dom till jul igen :)

Hey all my good-looking visitors!
I'm so sorry for the bad update. A lot of things have happened the last days.
On thursday me and my friends went out, I didn't come home until 06 at friday morning. I was to tired to do anything at all that friday. (I even missed my appointment to color my hair and my History of fashion class)
At saturday night, me and my friends went out to Le Banque. Such a good place! Too bad it took 1 hour to but in my jacket in the closet.
At 2 am, the upper dancefloor, we where dancing to "tonight's gonna be a good night". Suddenly I see 2 of my best friends and my sister a front of me. I couldn't belive it. It was so fun! It really was a "good night"!
Yesterday we went to a antique market. I'm looking for a fur. I found so nice ones for a vintage store, but they where to expensive. They cost €250.
Today I went to school, we had 3 hours of Material Technology. Not really fun!
After that class I met my friends. They wanted to shop a la Milano. Tomorrow are me going to Duomo again. Later that evening are we going for a aperitivo and the out to party!(My birthday is on wednesday, I hope you haven't forgotten!)
They are going back to Sweden at wednesday. I will see them again at Christmas :)

At wednesday am I going to show some pictures from this week and the pictures from TR technique (volume skirt).

Buona notte

25 November, 2009


Idag hade vi TR technique. Här är dagens uppgift; Volym. Här är några bilder på mitt "verk". Resultatet får ni se nästa onsdag.

Today we had TR technique. Here is todays assignment; Volume. Here is some pictures of my work. The resutls will I show next wednesday.

Här är morgondagens läxa. Inte lika snygg som Montaninis(läraren), men är väldigt nöjd ändå :)

Here is tomorrows homework. Not as good as Montanini's(the teacher), but I'm happy with it anyway :)

Now I have to do the Italian homework.

Buona notte

22 November, 2009


Veckans läxa:
Bild 1: Klassiskt Jeans jacka, stickade hot pants, grovt stickade knästrumpor, stövlar.
Bild 2: Resutlat

This week's homework:
Picture 1: Classic Jeans jacket, knitted hot pants, knitted over knee stockings, boots.
Picture 2: Results

Both are made by Montanini
I will soon show my copy.


20 November, 2009

New plans...

Idag hade vi fashion drawing och italienska lektion. Jag ska försöka förklara våra lektioner mer noggrant. Inte italienska lektionerna(haha), men fashion drawingen. Jag ska visa fler bilder om förklara hur man ska göra för att få bästa resultat!

Today we had Fashion Drawing and italian class. I'm going to try to describe our lessons more precise. Not the italian class. It's to difficult(haha), but the fashion drawing. I will show more pictures and more explanation about how to get the best results.

It's time to sleep. Tomorrow we have History of fashion. It will be a lot of fun!

Buona notte

18 November, 2009

Vi sis nästa vecka...

Idag hade vi Photoshop och TR Technique. Luca(TR) är en så himla rolig och trevlig lärare. Han bodde i Sverige ett tag då han jobbade för J Lindeberg, så han kan lite svenska. Vi skämtar mycket och han är väldigt avslappnad som person. Ser fram emot nästa lektion! Det är jätte kul under dom lektionerna.

We had Photoshop and TR Technique today. Luca(TR) is great! He's such a fun teacher. He lived in Sweden when he worked for J Lindeberg, so he got to learn some swedish. We can joke with him, he's so relaxed. I'm looking forward to next lesson! It's so fun at these lessons.

Tomorrow we have Fashion Drawing and Italiano. The picture above is this weeks homework!

"Vi sis nästa vecka"- Luca (sii you next week)
"No! Vi SES nästa vecka"- Rumija (no! SEE you next week)

Buona notte

17 November, 2009

New things...

Tog en promenad ner till Duomo idag. Meningen var att jag skulle köpa saker till skolan, men jag hittade inte det jag var ute efter så jag köpte skor och väska.
Var jag än går så är dom produkter jag behöver slut. Varför?! Det är jobbigt och Luca(TR technique läraren) kommer att bli arg på mig imorgon!

Jag har varit på jakt efter lårhöga stövlar. Har inte hittat något bra, antingen är dom för höga eller så är dom inte snygga(Jag kan inte ha för höga, är för kort). Dom jag köpte idag var helt ok, inte dom snyggaste, men dom var väldigt billiga! Var tvungen att köpa en väska. En stor som jag kan ha mina skolsaker i. Även den var väldigt billig! Jag är ingen big spender, jag är en smart spender :) haha

Det är jul snart så jag måste skämma bort min systerson. Köpte tidig julklapp till honom från Original Marines. Dom har så fina bebis kläder. Jag såg en jätte snygg vinter jacka i bebisformat. Får se om jag köper den till honom också.

I took a walk down to Duomo today. I was looking for some things for school, but I didn't find anything. But I bought a pair of shoes and a bag. Wherever I go, the things I need is finished. Why?! Luca(the teacher) is going to be so mad at me at tomorrow's TR Technique!

I've been looking for a pair of over knee boots, but I haven't found any nice ones. Today I bought a pair of boots, they are ok, but really cheap. I also bought a bag. I need a big bag that I can put my school materials in. This one is perfect. And it was also really cheap! I'm not a big spender, I'm a smart spender! :) haha

It's Christmas soon, so I have to spoil my nephew. Today I bought a early gift to him from Original Marines. They have so cute baby clothes. I saw a really nice baby jacket. I think I might buy it to him.

Above is one picture of the bag and the boots.
The price is €30 each, that's cheap!



Min Modern and contemporay art-lärare fick mig att vilja åka till Paris för att besöka Orangerie. Där finns Monets verk. Grymt snyggt och inspirerande!
Dit ska jag! Någon som vill följa med?

My Modern and contemporary art- teacher made my wan't to go to Paris to visit Orangerie. Monet's art are there. Amazing paintings that's inspiring!
I'm going there! Someone who wants to come whit me?

I should sleep. I have knitting class tomorrow at 9. After that am I going to Duomo to by some things for the TR Technique and Fashion drawing.

Bouna notte